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Jobs for Educated Women

A woman with an education can get a job and support herself and her family. There are opportunities in many businesses for a woman to get a respectable job. She could also be a teacher, which is accepted and respected in communities, to help expand the reach of education to more girls and boys.

If an educated woman decides to work at home, she can still make a big difference in helping earn money. With her education, she can help make a farm more productive by following planting instructions and planning out the best places to put seeds. She will also know her numbers to make buying and selling at the market less difficult and could use her classroom skills to negotiate the best prices.

An amazing statistic for educated women! According to Plan International’s “Because I am a Girl” 2009 Report, an extra year of education increases a girl’s future income by 10 to 20%, but only 5 to 15% for boys. Further, a year of secondary education leads to even higher income in the 15 to 25% range.

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Having a proper and complete education helps more women find a great career. - Bath Planet


I am sure there are a lot of opportunities for the educated women to make a decent living but I believe they are not enough. In fact I'll go further and say that the schools don't provide the necessary skills for a good part of the work force today. However I found this resource that provides detailed reports about it, there is still hope that things are going to get better.