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ICTs and Agriculture in Nigeria; An Overview

 What are ICTs? 

Information Communication Technologies (ICTs) refer to technologies that facilitate the creation, processing and transfer of information across space and time . 
Benefits of ICTs
ICTs enable;
performing tasks quickly, efficiently and comprehensively, 
facilitating the flow of large volumes of information to a wide audience across numerous geographical locations.
ICTs and Agriculture
Though ICTs may not be a panacea to agricultural and rural development, it has the potentials to boost agricultural production in numerous ways;
They have the potential of bridging the information gap for rural farmers with respect to innovative practices, 
Farmers have access government policies, 
They also have access to information about credit facilities, 
There is ease in accessing markets which is information on the location of profitable markets and entry requirements,
ICTs are effective tools for policy advocacy.
The potentials of enhancing agricultural extension services and improving market access for rural youth farmers abound with the use of ICTs. Harnessing these potentials however, requires an appropriate framework for ICTs utilization. This framework involves appropriate government policies, formation of NYSC ICT volunteer groups, stimulating youth interest via the Young Farmers Association, integrating communication between focus groups in various communities and relevant government extension service and policy implementation agencies. 
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The good thing about the things that are happening in nigeria is that , most of the people over there are always interested in the updates that are made in such matters, they do fully utilize all that is being provided to them.

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