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Starting a new job

Figure out transportation: Planning how to get to and from work is very important. Click here for some tips.

Read the employee manual: Before you start work, make sure that you know the rules, including what to wear to work and how much holiday and sick leave you get.

Sign up for the group medical aid and pension plan or provident fund: Usually, it will take 30 to 90 days before your medical aid kicks in so, sign up for the company plan (if you qualify) as soon as you can.

Get clothes: Click here for tips on getting clothes to wear to work.

Next: What to do when you're at work.

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The requested nationalities are various Americans, British, French, Italians, Canadians, etc.South Africans are now highly requested.(2000)Indigenous Nigerians are also requested..
Geology and Geoscience Jobs/Exploration Geologist
Data management, well and production
Geological Technologist/ Geophysical Engineer/ Analyst
Hydro-geologist (Junior)
Jr. and Int. Processing Geophysicists – Land processing
Gas, Chemicals, Petrochemicals, Laboratory Jobs
Acid Supervisor
Nitrogen Supervisor
Cement Supervisor
Deep Coiled Tubing Supervisor
Drilling Engineer/Forearm Drillers/Drillers
Mud Logger
Rig Manager/Rig Electrician
Wireline Operator
Its, Computer Programming, Software and Graphics Jobs
Analyst Family IT- Infrastructure (System Administration)
Application Scripter IT Analyst,
Communications Technician
Computer Repair Technician
IT Consultant
IT Consultant - Oracle Financials
Management, Accounting and Administration Jobs
Accounting Systems Analyst/Accountant/Account Manager
Administration Officer
Audit supervisors / senior auditors
Co-op Student Accounting
Documentation Manager
Executive Assistant
Field Administration Clerk
Contract Employment
Finance Analyst/Financial Analyst1/Junior Client Services Analyst
Land Property Administrator
Logbook Auditor
Quantity Surveyors
Engineering Jobs
Project Managers
Civil Engineers/Structural Engineers/Mechanical Design Engineers
Mechanical Engineer – Gas Treating & Sulphur Recovery
Subsea Engineer
Engineer Offshore/Petroleum Engineer
Senior engineer, technical information
Engineering Superintendent
Static Equipment Design
AutoCad Operators / Designers
Highway Design Engineers/Planning Engineers
Estimating Engineer – Senior
Head Engineer / Team Leader
Bridge Engineers
Drafting Coordinator/Technologist
Intermediate Exploitation Engineer
Marketing and Commercial Jobs
Bulk Fuel Marketing
Business Development Managers
Marketing / Sales Managers
Inside Sales Representative/Field Sales Representative
Inventory Specialist
Building and Construction Jobs
Steel carpenter/Carpenter
Iron bender
Civil engineer
Construction Site Supervisor
Spray painter
Insulatoectrical Design Engineers
Electrical Engineer/Technician
Measurement Specialist
Electrical Production Technician
Instrument Technician/pipe fitter
Lead Engineer, Instrumentation & Controls/Lead Operator
Environmental, Health & Safety Jobs/Doctors
Environmental Engineer/Environmental Planner/Environmental Specialists
Environmental Field Technician or Technologist (Junior)
Hazardous Materials Technician / Technologist (Junior)
Mechanical and Heavy Duty Equipment Jobs
Crane Operator
Journeyman and 4th year Mechanics
Journeyman Heavy Duty Mechanics And Apprentices
Health & Safety Advisor
Mechanical technician
Mechanics/Fleet Service Mechanic Helper
Turbine mechanic
Apprentice & Journeyman Mechanics
Pipe welder
Certified, Pipe welder mate
Structural welder/Structural welder mate
Piping Design Engineers
Marine Jobs
Auxiliary and Support Services Jobs
Distribution Analyst
Division Order Analyst-Grade 11
Drivers / Operators
Field Service Representative
Field Service Technician/Field Operator
General Laborers/ Welder´s Helper
Researcher in Catalyst
Senior Analyst, Allocation & Measurement.....
*OND OR SSCE Holders:
Cleaners/Carpentry/Handy workers/Janitors/Plumbers/Secu rity Guards.
*B.SC/HND Holders:
Personal assistants
Level 1-4 workmanship
Offshore workers
Legal attendants
Security Personnel.
*Masters Degree Holders:
Human resource managers
Personnel managers
Level 8-15 workmanship
NOTE:Accommodation will be provided for all applicant during the interview.
Or contact us Via
Employment Status:Full time/Part time.


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