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Your Rights

"The rules of the global economy should be aimed at improving the rights, livelihoods, security, and opportunities of people, families and communities around the world."

[Source: International Labor Organization (ILO): A Fair Globalization: Creating oportunities for all, Report of the World Commission on the Social Dimension of Globalization (Geneva, 2004), p.143.]

To learn your rights and how to improve your working environment,

watch a video in English


or watch a video with French subtitle


 The international community, such as the ILO, aims to:

  1. Promote and realize standards and fundamental principles and rights at work
  2. Create greater opportunities for women and men to decent employment and income
  3. Enhance the coverage and effectiveness of social protection for all
  4. Strengthen tripartism and social dialogue

(Source: ILO)

Visit the ILO website to lean more about labor standards.

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This is truly one of the great thing.


It is important for every person to know his fundamental rights.


It is very important for us to know our rights.


Every person has its own rights. It is given to him to protect his well being. - Flemings Ultimate Garage