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  • Scholarship Application Tips

Scholarship Application Tips

Don't wait until the last minute- research scholarships early.

Carefully read through the eligibility requirements. You need to make sure you are really eligible for the scholarship. If you aren't sure, contact the sponsors of the scholarship right away.

Get organized. Put all of the documents and paperwork you need for each application together in one folder. Usually students will need to provide the following:

  • Your recent high school grades.
  • Proof of financial need - this may include information about your parents' financial situation.
  • Parents' financial information, including salary slips.
  • One or more essays.
  • One or more letters of recommendation (these may come from your school principal, teachers, church pastor, people you have worked for, and so on).

Carefully check over your completed applications for any errors.

Make sure to completely fill out the entire application. If you aren't sure about a certain section, contact the scholarship sponsors.

Follow the instructions. Don't go over the length of the essay or don't include additional materials that aren't asked for in the application.

Always type or neatly print your application forms and essays.

Make copies of the entire application and supporting documents.

Before sending your application out, make sure to check it over one more time.

Send in your application early (if possible).

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