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How to Take Care of Your Cash

1. Set up minimum monthly payments
Even if you’re only paying the least amount required on your bill, you will avoid late fees and added charges. It can be easy to forget or be late to pay your credit card bill. Doing this will help protect you from bad credit or added fees. Find out why it’s important to have good credit.

2. Consider automatic payments
You can set up debit orders or stop orders on your bank account. To set up a debit order, talk to your creditor. They must talk to your bank and have the debit order set up. You can set up a stop order yourself online, or set a recurring payment to a creditor. You can also set up a payment to take place in the future.

Watch out though: if you don’t watch your bank account, you can run out of money without realizing it!

3. Keep an eye on your accounts
Banking online makes life easier, but you still have to be careful about watching your money, especially if you choose to make automatic payments. Make sure you always have enough in your account to take care of the bills you’ve signed up to pay automatically.

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