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Computer virus: a computer problem that spreads by copying itself into other programs or documents on your computer

Direct deposit: an automatic deposit that goes into your account. Many employers use the direct deposit system to pay their employees.

Hacking: trying to steal someone’s personal information through the Internet.

HTML format: email message with special features like animation or graphics

Phishing: when people illegally try to get your personal information online, like passwords or credit card information

Recurring: a payment that’s automatic and happens more than once

Spam: fake emails that try to trick you into giving away your personal information

Text format: email message without pictures, just words

Transaction: a record of what you did with your money

Virus protection software: programs that try to stop harmful computer viruses from damaging the information on your computer

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It's a common problem to many computer units today. Thus, it is important to get the best anti-virus software for your machine. - Stephen Samuelian