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Soil and Climatic Conditions of Growing Beans


Common beans grow within a range of temperatures of 17.5-27°C. Hotter temperature above 30°C may cause the flower buds to fall and in temperatures above 35°C, seeds might not form. Beans are sensitive to night frost. Common beans are usually grown at altitudes between 600 - 1950 m.

French Beans grow within the ideal temperature range of 20-25°C, but can be grown in temperatures ranging between 14 and 32°C. Extreme temperatures result in poor flower development and poor pod set. However, French beans mature faster in warmer areas. French beans can be grown between 1000 and 2100 meters above sea level.


Beans require a moderate well-distributed rainfall (300-400 mm per crop cycle) but dry weather during harvest is essential. Prolonged dry conditions or extreme wetness are harmful to beans.

  • Climbing types will yield well in areas of high rainfall but the dwarf types are more sensitive to high soil moisture levels.
  • Suitable soil types range is from light to moderately heavy and to peaty (with organic matter) soils with near-neutral pH and good drainage. Common bean is sensitive to salt.

Rain fed cultivation is possible in areas with well distributed, medium to high annual rainfall (900-1200 mm). But to maintain a continuous production especially during the dry season, irrigation is essential. During the dry season up to 50 mm of water per week is required. This could be applied through furrow or overhead irrigation. French beans grow best on well drained, silty (fine grained soil) loams to heavy clay soils high in organic matter.

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