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Here is a list of words you may find helpful when reading about education:

Assets: Property or objects you own that you can sell for money

Beneficiary: The person who receives money

Broker: someone who buys and sells stock for regular people at the stock exchange. Brokers can also sell other kinds of financial deals, like policies.

Guardian: an adult who takes responsibility for a minor (a child under 18)

Dependent: someone who is supported by their parents or another guardian

Exchange: an organization where stocks are traded

Financial aid: money to help you pay for your education

Interest: the fee you pay for borrowing money

Maturity: The time when your money gets paid back by a corporation

Rate of return: the amount of money you earn over a period of time

Secondary education: schooling that happens after high school, usually university or vocational school

Tax-deductible: when the money you pay gets subtracted from the amount you owe in taxes

Tuition: the money you pay to a school, university or other educational institution

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Great information! These are really important words that need to be understood. - Bath Planet