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Planting Mangoes


Take the following steps to plant mangoes: 

1. Prepare planting area by clearing off stones.

2. Dig a hole of about 2x2x2 feet

3. Mix the soil with an equal volume of rotted manure or peat moss. 

The young plant should be planted to the same stem level as it was in the container, using the amended soil packed firmly around the roots of the young plant. It is not necessary to form a large mound around the plant, but the soil should be fumed so as to prevent collection of water around base of the plant. 

In the Dry Season 

  • Newly planted trees should be watered at least twice per week, with 4-6 gallons in total.
  • Dried vegetation can be used as a mulch which benefits even large mature trees. In windy areas young transplants should be staked. 
  • Mangoes do not need windbreaks. However, they do provide an effective windbreak for other crops and give a valuable economic return as well. 

Find more information on planting Mangoes here


Information Source: University of the Virgin Islands, "Growing Mangoes", Gardener Factsheet, No. 21, July 1997.



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