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Adult and Non-Formal Education in Nigeria

Adult education includes functional literacy, remedial, continuing, vocational, aesthetic, cultural and civic education for youth and adults outside the formal school system.

Adult education can be executed through distance learning programmes in different universities. Existing institutions are also used as venues for adult education especially in the evenings.

Who is non-formal education for?

  • Those who didn’t have the privilege of passing through any formal education.
  • Those who prematurely dropped out of school.
  • Those who have completed their courses at school but wish to further their knowledge.
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The concept behind the non formal education seems to be good and it will be suitable for the people who are not able to complete the graduation or secondary education due to various reasons. I hope they will also provide equivalent certificate. Web Based EHR


It is a lucky when you live in a good education. Enjoy in it and try your best. Thank you for sharing too.


It sounds like a good idea. I wish other states had the same system. A lot of adults today think about learning as a way out from a life of poverty. I'm also thinking about improving and renewing my academic and professional knowledge. At this point GBC fits like a glove.


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