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Sickness & Disease

Some people panic when a medical issue appears. But if you understand the problem, be it bee stings or broken bones, it is easier to deal with. Here you can learn to identify common sicknesses and life-threatening illnesses, everything from colds to cancer.

Knowing your family's medical history can help you to prevent and treat life-threatening diseases. Some diseases are passed on in families. Read more.

Inner city children are more at risk for asthma.
Do you or your children often have trouble breathing? It's important to learn the signs of asthma so you can get this life-threatening disease treated. Learn more.

Are you prepared in an emergency?
Whether your child steps on a rusty nail or a dog bites your leg, you should know what to do before it happens. Read more.

Are you at risk for HIV/AIDS?
Find out if you are at risk and what you can do.

Breast exams are the best way to make sure you are healthy and catch breast cancer early. Read more.