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Physical Development

Your child needs to have good muscle control in order to be able to sit, concentrate and use a pencil in the classroom.

Gross Motor Skills
The gross motor skills are those that are controlled by the larger muscles of the body. This includes being able to walk, run and jump. You can help your child develop her gross motor skills by:

  • Playing ball games with your child. Encourage your child to throw and catch a beanbag or small ball.
  • Help your child to stand on tiptoes to help her learn to balance. Teach him to walk along a low wall or a plank balanced on a few bricks. When he can walk forwards confidently, get him to walk backwards and then to catch a ball while balancing.
  • Practicing jumping, hopping, skipping and rolling with your child.

Fine Motor Skills
These skills are controlled by the smaller muscles, and include the ability to pick up small things and to hold a pencil. You can help your child develop his fine motor skills by giving them the following activities:

  • Making little balls out of play-dough by rolling it between a finger and thumb.
  • Cutting out pictures with a small pair of scissors.
  • Tearing newspaper or tissues into strips or rolling it into little balls.
  • Stringing beads or pieces of drinking straws onto a piece of string or wool.
  • Drawing and coloring in.
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