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Fish Farming

Fishing is practiced by local people in villages and cities with large water bodies—lagoons, rivers, lakes and streams. Different kinds of fish are found throughout Africa.  Some common types include tilapia, mackerel and catfish.

Use the Beehive's Fish section to learn about the fishing industry, including:

  • Fish Farms
  • Fish Feeding
  • Harvesting and Marketing Fish
  • Pest and Disease Control on the Fish Farm
  • Record Keeping on the Fish Farm
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fish market is been a grooming market for most of the countries in asia and europe and even in america. Srilanka, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan are some of the big fish markets of asia. And these markets providing livings to the locals.
Thanks for the useful information.


These markets enjoying a handsome capital from this trade


One thing that we could also be doing so there are also some places that we need to know as we could also get to understand some of these things. - Andrew Stolper


Very good site with lots of very useful information.


Dear Mwania,
Thank you and you can recommend it to others please.